I have known Karen for over 7 years. We met when my parents home was on the Joy Home Tour and it inspired me to become a volunteer on her committee the following year. I was in awe at how passionate and organized she was in planning and executing this huge fundraiser. Every year she succeeded in creating new and innovative ways to bring in funds to help those in need in the Guelph and area communities. Karen's passion for organizing events and helping others is rare. She works tirelessly and always goes above-and-beyond when it comes to helping others. It has been my pleasure to work along side her both locally and internationally. Karen's work ethic and intellect would bring much value to any organization needing help with events or fundraising.

I have worked as both a vendor and a team member with Karen on several fundraising initiatives over the past 5 years. She truly puts her heart and soul into her work, believes passionately in the causes she supports, and is a master at bringing people together. Karen is such a caring and positive force.

It has been a pleasure working on Karen’s various fundraising teams for more than 10 years. The team works hard to produce quality events that are highly recommended by all attendees.

Our success has been building over the years, initially, relying on word of mouth and positive feedback. Our team work is something that participants would regularly comment on and part of what would bring them back to our events on an annual basis.

Our commitment to working with so many businesses and building positive relationships has always been something we take pride in. For them, just like the event attendees, it brought so many back on a yearly basis. We pride ourselves on working collaboratively with our businesses and "clients" and take that to heart in our team work consistently. We are a team whose goal is to provide the best possible event and for worthwhile causes in our communities.

We are truly grateful for the experience of working with Karen! The ideas and creativity she brings to the table are incredibly valuable to Esperanza Juvenil. Working with Karen is leading to opening new doors for our children and the organization.

Karen is someone who always displays a harmonious and cooperative spirit by working with new groups. She gladly shares her expertise in event planning and fundraising, while seeking innovative solutions.

Through our experience while working together she has developed workable action plans and has created flexible plans to meet changing opportunities. We highly recommend her!

Beatriz Zamora
Fundraising and Volunteer Coordinator
Esperanza Juvenil, BHGH Guatemala