Karen Kamphuis has loved creating special moments, celebrating milestones with family and friends for as long as she can remember. As a young child, she drove her Mother crazy always wanting to entertain, have people over and the desire to create excitement around every-day and the not-so-every-day momentous occasions of life.

Through her career history, she has had the opportunity to create special, community building fundraising events for the Not-for-Profit organizations that she has been a part of. With these experiences, rich history, and many connections, it was time to venture out on her own and thus the creation and launch of JOY’n Us Events. With a heart to serve into the needs both locally and globally and a value system that giving back is an essential part of living a joy-filled life, Karen believes this to be a driving force in her business. Non-profit organizations hold a particular, soft spot for Karen so the opportunity to work alongside community initiatives doing great things, raising funds and helping to support them in their endeavours gives joy, meaning and purpose to her life.

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