JOY’n Us Events offers unique and creative solutions for your next event. We are happy to help you plan your next corporate or fundraising event and love to work with you to think outside-the-box to create that special occasion that your clients, organization, supporters, friends, and family can get excited about. We are happy to work within your budget and love to collaborate on ideas with you and your team. Our services can include full event planning from start to finish, coaching for those in your organization that just need a little help or mentoring or, something in between these two. For many businesses and corporations today, they want to give back and support great, charitable work that is being done in their communities. Employees love the opportunity to be part of something outside their norm of everyday life. But, life is busy and businesses have their own areas of focus. So, how do you take the value of wanting to give back, support others and have your company be known for these values when you don’t have the manpower, time, or creative outlets to build this into your day-to-day business plan? JOY’n Us Events can work with you to create a community/corporate event that will raise your profile and get your name known as a wonderful contributor in your community and your charity-of-choice reaps the benefits of your support, visibility in their community and, funds raised to help their work. JOY’n Us Events also creates signature events as part of our portfolio. Proceeds raised from these events go to support local and global charities that we have a relationship with and love the work they do both in our community and around the globe.